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  • Iceland is dotted with 100 volcanoes, yet home to Europe's largest glacier it perched on the edge of the arctic circle, yet is warmed by the Gulf stream, Iceland truly is, the land of fire and ice.its also the land, of story. the marks of human hands are few and far between on this windswept land.footprints are quickly reclaimed, but stories linger forever .such is the sheer force and beauty of this place that Viking warriors have been transformed into ports and family stories into epic sagas 
  • from awe-inspiring glaciers to geothermal springs and active volcanoes Iceland is a place where nature always takes center stage even in the nation's lively capital of REYKJAVIK.
  • The black sand beach  is a very  dramatic and distinctive reinis viara beach on the south coast of Iceland is one of the most famous black sand beaches on earth located next to the sleepy fishing village of Vic the unique looking beach was formed over millennia by fierce waves 
  • GEYSIR the hot spring  that is the namesake for all geysers in the world is  also one of the most popular stops in Iceland 
  • REYKJAVIK spread out over a peninsula in southwest Iceland Reykjavik covers a surprisingly large area for capital with a population around 120000 most visits begin at the visitors center located near the picturesque lake Tiernan on the city's west side filled with exhibits recounting island Viking heritage. the national and soccer museum are also must-see attractions 
  •  LANDMANNALAUGAR located within the fialaback nature reserve in Iceland interior islands  its best know for its scenic hiking trails situated at the edge of a lava field the flat and easily traversed region is famous for its natural hot spring as well 
  • GULFOSS as it lies in a hidden colossal crevice the cuts through the otherwise barren Icelandic landscape the sheer size and scale of Gullfoss only becomes apparent the nearer you approach once you reach the cliff edge  you find that the housing cascades and enormous falls actually have the highest volume in the whole of Europe.the two sets a falls that make an epic site
  • BLUE LAGOON located on a peninsula less than an hours ride from Reykjavik  this man-made lake is fed by superheated seawater most visited tourist destination
  • VATNAJOKULL National park  home to the largest glacier in Europe it is so vast it encompasses around 14 % of the country