Mar Vel
More than 5 months ago (13 March 2019 6:52:31 AM UTC) in Animal Jokes

Beware the Angry Bird.

Beware the Angry Bird.
A lady was giving her friend instructions on watering her plants and feeding her animals while she was away for the weekend. She told her that she had a guard dog called Brute who was no trouble at all and a parrot that talked too much. She requested her friend to ignore both the dog and the parrot and warned her, “Whatever you do, please ignore the parrot. Please do not talk to her.”. 
The friend agreed and came over the next day. She watered the plants, fed the dog and the parrot. The dog, Brute, pretty much ignored her the whole time but the parrot kept screaming at her in the filthiest language. Finally, she could take it no more and forgetting her friend’s warning shouted back at the offensive bird. The parrot screeched, “Brute, attack!”.
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