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5 Best dance sequences in Indian Films

Dance and Songs are an essential part of Indian cinema, especially Tamil and Telugu movies. Here we look at the 5 best dance and song sequences in the history of Indian Cinema. It's also a general belief that Michael Jackson learnt some of his steps by watching these dances. So if you are an aspiring dancer or would like to spend the next few minutes of you life getting high without boozing, read the rest of this article.

5) Vadivelu in Ghajini

This is one of popular songs in the history of Tamil films. The hero-dancer Vadivelu is also known as the Indian version of Michael Jackson. Some of the steps in this dance-song are memorable (just like MJ's moonwalk).

4) Chiranjeevi in Thriller

It is rumored that MJ was inspired to make Thriller after watching this song of the Indian vampire. A scene from the hit Telugu song:

3) Vijayakanth in Narashimma

Vijayakanth is one of the most accomplished dancer in Tamil films and it is said that people come to see his movies just to watch the dance steps. Nothing can be more entertaining in a movie than watching Vijayakanth shaking his legs along with Isha Koppikar (the Heroine) with the side actors dressed as Egptian Pharos.

2) T. Rajendar in Veerasaamy

T. Rajendar is a seasoned dancer with expertise and skills in various forms of art and dance like Break Dance, Bharatanatyam and dappan guthu. Here is his masterpiece from the blockbuster hit Veerasaamy.

1) Sam Anderson in Yaarukku Yaaro Stepnee

Sam Anderson is a genius and prodigy who's dancing talent has no limit. This is one of his Oscar winning performance from the film Yaarukku Yaaro Stepnee. See his elegant and graceful dance movements, the equally talented Heroine. A scene from this hit movie:





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