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18 December 2010 4:49:14 AM UTC in User Pages

Kaathal Kavithaikal From Balraj.S

Hai Everybody,

This is Your ever loving friend   Balraj.S.
I am from Tamilanadu,,,
I love Kavithaikal...
I want to be a good businessman..
This is my passtime work...
When i feel lonely i write this type of kavithai...
My past and present life is very simple...
Just i done only tenth standard only...
Nw i am in marketing field..
I wan2 make friends in all over the world..
If any body read my Post ,
pls send ur feedback to

+91 9500690637

About Myself:

Hai friends i am Balraj

I want to be lazy each and everytime,

i love :
business and being lonely,

Who cheats me,

Till today i found any thing like that,

Everything i saw fails

Happy days:
went to marina beach at chennai for see my friends with full drinks,First time i celebrate my 21st Birthday in my native with mom and dad...

Missing in life:
I fail to do first business, i fail to do job in vodafone, fail to use photoshop,travel tickets, and final chance frm other finance company i really miss that b'coz of my mental tenson,

Want to b silent, love every body mostly small babies,

Life style:
want to live simple and got good name from all,

Sucess of happy life:
Sincear and hardworking make ones life sucess.

The best advice my father gave:
Work hard and don't concentrate on others.

The biggest turning point in my life:
I fail to look my 1st business

My favourite life-after activity:
Reading Business today and,music.

Power to me:
The ability to do anything. Be a good person for others.

Most memorable experiance at business:
I learn much about my near by peoples in my first business, after realising that I never do such mistakes.

Mantra for maintaining work-life balance:
Keep working and do correct things only.

Best advice for others:
Think that “We have a ability to do any thing , don't hope others”.

best lines of me...
"Set your goal in yours and don't concentrate on others". Compulsory sucess is certain".



tharsha SHA


31 January 2014 8:52:43 AM UTC
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Rk Tamila


Alaku endra vaarthaike

artham theriya villai...

Avalai kaanum varai....

Alukai endra vaarthaike

artham puriya villai...

aval en arukil eruntha vari.....


alukai endra varthaiku

artham purikirathu....

Alakaai aduththa oru

Aan makanukaaka

aval petror

naditha poluthu...

Aval pirinthu sendraal enpathu

en kavalai alla...

Aval petror kaatum anbai(nadipai)

aval purinthu kolla villaye

enpathu than...

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