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Romantic SMS and Text Messages

Romantic SMS and Text Messages is a collection of short and sweet text messages for loving, caring and infactuated hearts. Send these lovely messages to your girlfriends / boyfriends / lovers and make their day showing how affectionate and loving you are. Just one or two lines are enough to show and get love and affection. If you are sad or in first love or miss your love then text message are for you.

143 Love SMS
I Love You
It seems like I've been sleeping
For a thousand years
Without a thought
Without a purpose
Without a voice
Without a soul
Until you walked into my life.

Submitted by jenifar.mba on 01-Oct-2009

C.L.I.C.K. means :

C= cant live without u
L= love u
I= i miss u
C= care about u
K= kiss from my heart 2 u
So whenever u miss me just say CLICK.
Submitted by JENIFAR.MBA on 26-Sep-2009

210 advanced love calender
JAN: Propose
feb: rose
april: lift
may: chatting
june; dating
july: kissing
aug: missing
sep: drop
oct: escape
nov: rest
dec: nest
all month enjoy ur self
Submitted by JENIFAR.MBA on 26-Sep-2009

Remember Ever
Submitted by STAR on 22-Sep-2009

You Are Mine
You're like a paper girl,
Only filled with too many lines.
How could you leave me,
When i says you are mine?
Submitted by Sharren Dash on 16-Sep-2009

Romantic Miss You SMS
I hide my tears when I say your name,
But the pain in my heart is still the same,
Though I smile and seem carefree,
There is no one who misses you more than me.

Romantic SMS
When i seen you my darling,
my heart is rotating your heart.
Submitted by R.Stephen Kumar on 24-Aug-2009

Romantic Short Msg
Messages are given to,
Those who are apart.
But shall I give,
when you are in my heart.

Romantic Love SMS
I love you not because of who you are,
But because of who I am when I am with you.

Miss you SMS
An advice: please take care.
A request: Be yourselves.
A wish: Dont forget me.
A lie: I hate you.
A fact: I miss you.

Romantic Txt Msg
If there ever comes a day when we cant be together,
keep me in your heart:
I will stay there forever.

Love and Bonding Text Message
Forgetting is a hard task to do,
Forgetting me is upto you,
Forget me not, Forget me never,
But dont forget,
that we are great together.

Love Message
Love is like a cloud,
Love is like a dream,
Love is one word and everything between.
Love is a fairytale that came true,
Because I found love when I saw you.

Romantic Love Message
If loving you is wrong,
then I dont want to be right.
My love for you is so strong,
that its brighter than light.
The we must go is long,
But we will win every fight.

Sweet SMS Love Msg
Words however special,
Could never even start,
To tell you all the love
I have for you,
in my heart.

Strong Affectionate Romantic Message
You showed me how it is to be loved.
Now I know what really love is.
One day we willbe together forever.
I cant wait to hold you,
in my arms again.

I Love You SMS
Accidents do happen.
I slip, I trip
I stumble
I fall and I dont care at all.
But now I dont know what to do,
Because I slipped and fell in love with you.

I Love You Text Message
8 letters, 3 words but 1 meaning: I Love You.

Love SMS
Doubt that life is but a dice,
Doubt that the sun doesnt rise,
Doubt that the world is bitter with full of vice,
But never doubt that I love you.

Sweet Romantic Msg
Who cares whether this is a poem or rhyme,
I will love you until the end of time.

Nice Message of Love
If roses were black
and violets were brown,
My love for you,
would never be found.
But roses are red
and violets are blue,
All I want to say is,
I love you.

Love Propose SMS
Roses are red and violets are blue.
I love chocolates and having it with you.

Infactuation SMS
I love my eyes when you look into them.
I love my name when you say it.
I love my heart when you love it.
I love my life when you are in it.

Love Text Msg
Just because somebody doesnt love you the way you dont want them to,
doesnt mean they dont love you with all they have.

Sad Love SMS
Talk to me when I am bored.
Kiss me when I am sad.
Hug me when I cry.
Care for me when I die.
Love me when I am still alive.

What is Love?
You come to love not by finding the perfect person,
But by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

Love SMS
The love is in the air,
The way is all along,
The day is the a baby,
Hope u will be back soon,
Just get well soon.
By gunasuntheri
on 1/27/2010 12:19:22 AM


Love is very Dangerous
Love is roses
Rose is red
Red is Danger
So love is danger
By sweety
on 2/2/2010 3:54:18 AM


There is nothing more painful than the person whom you love is lying on your shoulder crying for the person whom they love.Its really painful. Gd morn
By (anonymous)
on 11/16/2009 9:49:03 AM


Lucky Lover SMS
Who is lucky lover in this world.?
A person loving one girl without proposing to her.
But finally he got the same girl as his wife
Good Night Dear
By (anonymous)
on 1/6/2010 11:44:05 AM


Valentines Day SMS
Hi.. Happy Valentines Day wishes to u.. Lets us pray for true lovers for their successful n loveable life... Love always makes life loveable wit a loveable wife wit loveable parents wit loveable children wit loveable neighbou$ wit loveable memories wit loveable moments wit loveable friends wit loveable
By (anonymous)
on 2/21/2010 7:36:33 AM


Valentines Day Dress Code SMS
[ Valentines Day Dress Codings ]

@Blue I'm Free

@Green I'm Waiting

@Orange Going to Propose

@Pink Accepted just now

@Black Propose rejected.

@ White Already Booked.

@Yellow Broke up.

@Grey Not Interested.

@Red Leave me.

Forward to all Teenagers
By (anonymous)
on 2/21/2010 7:38:29 AM


Valentines Day Funny SMS
For every idiot there is an equal & opposite idiot..!

They are together called LOVERS.. but any way..... we dont hate the love and lovers .. be proud of love and always support a good love ... happy valentince day..
By (anonymous)
on 2/21/2010 7:38:06 AM


i love you
i feel something in my heart,it's like a little fleme,every time i see you.this fleam lights up,this fleam is special 4u bcos I LOVE YOU.
on 2/26/2010 11:14:21 AM


Hey Dear....,U made my life colorfully...

I Want to Be with U always......But now im longing for the Sweet Moments wen im going to be with U.....Bcz Im Missing U....

I was admired in ur talk...I felt chill in ur sight...and I forgot my world in ur touch....Still i can feel the warmth of ur hug while i thk abt U.....

I Can see my life in U...U r everything for Me...I dont want to be without U even a minute hereafter.....

Just hold me into ur arms tightly...Let me feel the heat of ur breath.....n let me die in ur luv of kisses.....

Hold ur tongue with My tongue closely to make me feel abt Ur smell.....and Let me born again in ur hardest touch....Keep me always besides U darling to fulfill ur needs......

I can serve myself to U n my survivel too.......Dont Go Anywhr leaving me Dear......I'M MISSING U............
By with luv-saghi
on 4/7/2010 3:01:07 AM


Rememberance is a better compliment than love,
I never expect tons of love from u,
But a milligram of remembrance is enough for me.
on 10/5/2009 8:29:26 AM


Great lines....
Great lines said by a true lover after his love broke up:

"Rather than to start hating you,I hate myself for trusting you so much"
By rajamayil
on 12/25/2009 12:58:20 AM


Love failure Quote...
"I don't fear to die.,
But my fear is that if i die who will love her as much as i do"
By rajamayil
on 12/25/2009 1:06:14 AM


1+1=2 eyes look at U
12+12=24 hrs thinking about U
3+4=7 day in week missing U
11+1=12 month always need a boy friend like U
By whitemoon(vennila) from mumbai
on 2/9/2010 12:15:28 AM


Fall in luv
U Know
1 & 1 makes 2

U also Know
1 & 1 makes 11

Do U Know
1 & 1 makes 1??

But, How.??

Just Fall in Luv.

Gud MorninG.
By jegathk
on 2/11/2010 11:01:59 PM




smelly socks aka zk .
smelly socks aka zk .


People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges but we should build bridges instead of walls so we can over them and knock down the walls so were friends ! :)
amal habibt mohmed .
amal habibt mohmed .

i love him like my soul

only ,i cant say any thing expect that ,i cant give up him
01 November 2012 6:27:25 PM UTC
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yan judex skipo .
yan judex skipo .

gud nite love sms

I wnt u to knw dat d lord has sent all his angels to watch u as u sleep,u jst sleep like a queen dat u are in ur castle,,,
Gud nite my love
02 October 2012 10:33:20 AM UTC
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Usman Ebbo .
Usman Ebbo .

Miss you

What does it cost to be loved & left alone? I miss u so dearly pls come back home.
13 September 2012 6:58:06 AM UTC
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Themba Tshangela, South Africa .
Themba Tshangela, South Africa .

Just for you

Am sending you my love to massage your precious heart.
24 August 2012 7:18:31 AM UTC
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Mayuresh(9960166701) .
Mayuresh(9960166701) .

True Love

Once in lifetime someone breaks your heart and if you still feel to hold that person with every broken piece that amazing pain is called "TRUE LOVE"
13 August 2012 8:49:16 AM UTC
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Riyaz .
Riyaz .

My love is my strength

My love my feeling is just u jana my importance I can fiend in u whenever I feel like to die I see u whenever I feel like to cry I see ur smile whenever I feel like to hurt me I see ur Hugh how can I say the reason know why I should not love u ........ I LOVE U .... Plz Love me tiill end my life I beagg u ... I love u .... Muuuaa()aauuuM.........
02 August 2012 1:47:45 PM UTC
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iftikhar khan belgium .
iftikhar khan belgium .
for lover

for lover

What is this loyalty..
it's a letdown
but who has stopeed crazy lovers
the promises are false
the vows are false
people say that the mores are false
the outcome here is everyone calls
all here are useless in love..
there is no abode..of desires here
these ways they are dishonoured.
what should i do with the heart baby
i would die for her
thw only crime is that
i love her
21 July 2012 7:45:55 PM UTC
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iftikhar .
iftikhar .


Turn me into droplets of rain
So i dribble the pretty face,
Then coat me with dearness so
i wander around the baked face,,
I adore and love the crimson layer on her lips.
And i seek the company of my
friends for i'm worls weary.....
o! serentiy embrace me!
Begone are melanceholies as the
angel face rears it's head,,
And when is subsides back
melanceholies rehoin,,,
i'm hgani for i long for the goblet of beloved lisp
i'm maftoon'4 break through
sanity for the sake of my love.....................
i'm iftikhar for my love is pure
i'm iftikhar for i love with my dripping blood
21 July 2012 7:43:34 PM UTC
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love .
love .


143=i love you
143=i miss you
143=i hate you
143=i kill you
"""which one you chooes for me
21 July 2012 7:34:31 PM UTC
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