Mar Vel
13 April 2019 4:37:50 PM UTC in Cricket

Thank You Next

Thank You Next
Two old men were at the twilight of their lives and were reminiscing on the good times they had over the years and about how much they loved playing and watching cricket. The hoped that once they died they would be able to continue to enjoy their beloved sport in heaven as well. They made a pact that when one of them died they would check if cricket was indeed played in heaven and let the other know. As the days and months wore on they kept reminding each other of their agreement. One day, one of the old men died. That night his friend was roused from his sleep by the sound of his friend's voice. He sounded so excited and told his friend that cricket was indeed played in heaven. There were excellent players there from their younger years who were already there. One did not feel fatigued playing cricket in heaven. The pitches were perfect. “But there is some bad news my friend.”, he said. “What?”, replied his friend. “Your name is on the list for the next match”, he responded.
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