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Top Ten amazing moments in movies (that can be seen only in South Indian cinema)

If you thought that amazing hollywood movie moments can be seen only in Michael Bay and James Cameroon movies, then you probably haven't seen South Indian movies (other than the random action scenes clips on YouTube). Here is a compilation of some of the magic moments in South Indian cinema, in that particular order. These are what you will get if Chuck Norris starts acting in a movie directed by M Night. Shyamalan and produced by Michael Bay.

#10 The hero’s introduction scene always show his legs first (coming out of the car).

#9 Hero lives in a slum, heroine is the rich villain’s daughter (and the hero usually sees the heroine for the first time when it's raining).

#7 The movie scenes always take places in a typical South Indian city environ, but five times during the movie hero and heroine visit Switzerland & other places in Europe (singing romantic songs in strange costumes).

#6 Villain and his gang members always come in Tata sumo’s (big cars or SUVs) brandishing sickles and cycle chains (but hero always is empty handed).

#5 Twenty to thirty rowdies start bashing an innocent man. Hero's legs are shown at first; he then lifts the fallen down innocent man and consoles him. Then the gangsters surround the hero forming a circle (but wait for hero to finish his punch dialog before beginning to fight).

#4 This hero can slide riding on a horseback, under a fourteen wheeled truck.

#3 This hero can stop trains with his fingers.

#4 But this matrix-hero can bounce bullets off their chest and kill the bad guy.

#2 The villain always has a gigantic hitman as a backup; the hero tries to trash him at first but falls down with blood on his lips. Then he stands up, wipes the blood off his lips, glares at the giant-hitman and then beats him black and blue.

#1 In the climax of the movie, the hero’s parents and the heroine are tied in a dilapidated building, surrounded by the villian and his gangmen (and the hero bursts in to the scene breaking glass windows).




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This is v.hilarious!
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Raj .

Haha ha, true!

This is really true
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