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  • IT is a small landlocked country in the center of Europe, Switzerland is a center of both finance and government.it population is 8 million people but it is one of the most developed countries in the world.it sits smack dab in the middle of the alps 
  • LAKE GENEVA one of the largest lakes in Europe, lake geneva lies on the course of the RHONE RIVER on the frontier between France and Switzerland.aside from the city Geneva most destinations in the lake geneva region are in either the swiss canton of Vaud or the french department of Haute Savoie. the geography is varied with the Jura mountains in the north, a hilly plain in the center, and the southwest the alps. The main attraction here is the elegant cities and towns surrounding the lake   
  • LUGANO has been nicknamed the "MONTE CARLO OF SWITZERLAND ", because of its growing popularity with celebrities.the city is located on the Lake Lugano, in the Italian speaking section of this Alpine country.this city home to a large number of swiss heritage sites, including three cathedrals and several museums and Lugano festival is famous here.
  • INTERLAKEN used to be known as a watchmaking center, but today its more popular as a tourist resort. offering spectacular views of three famous Swiss mountains, the Eiger, the Jungfrau, and the month.
  • LAUSANNE athletes with Olympic aspirations may enjoy a visit to Lausanne, a scenic city that is the second largest on lake geneva, as it is home to the international Olympic committees also the gateways to some of the worlds best ski slope.
  • GENEVA is a city where international influences reign supreme.it is home to the international red cross committee and the European headquarters of the united nations, as well as 20 other international organizations it has 50 museums and over 100 art galleries 
  • ZERMATT  is a small town that is famous for skiing and mountaineering due to its proximity to the Matterhorn, one of Switzerland's highest mountains best place to do skiing 
  • JUNGFRAU REGION is one of the most scenics places to visit in Switzerland, both in summer and winter, this alps region was only visited by hard-core adventures who wanted to ski or climb through the mountains.
  • LUCERNE, located in the German-speaking section of Switzerland, is a city that has it all; city life, a lake, and mountains. Considered one of the world's prettiest cities, Lucerne is most famous for its 14th-century chapel bridge and water tower, which is said to be the most photographed monument in Switzerland. another famous monument is the Dying lion, which was carved out of a rock to honor swiss mercenaries who is died in France in 1792.