Mike Bernard
More than 11 months ago (14 November 2017 5:24:06 AM UTC) in Funny Jokes

Smart Johnny

One day Mike walked into a sporting goods store looking to buy a rifle. Mike had never been hunting before and asked the clerk if he could recommend a rifle. "Oh yes," the clerk, Johnny said. "I'm not a very good shot but I've done quite a lot of hunting in my day, even did some big game hunting with my brother in law." To which Mike responded "No way! Did you get anything?" "I sure did, we were in the African jungle when we suddenly stumbled upon a monstrous crocodile. He was a mean one too. With scars all over his face, this was surely one bad croc. My brother in law said he wanted to wrestle it and take a picture afterward. So he crept right up to it until they were face to face, nose to nose, eye to eye, tooth to tooth. The giant croc stretched its massive jaws preparing to take a bite out of my brother in law. Naturally, I couldn't let that happen so I raised my rifle and shot him, shot him right between the eyes." "Amazing," said Mike. "Yeah, and I had this fancy belt made after I got back to our camp." "Oh wow! So the belt is genuine crocodile skin?"