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Acn you hear that?!

Acn you hear that?!
A woman was hitchhiking alone when one rainy night she was looking for shelter and was given shelter by a group of nuns. She was led into a simply furnished but comfortable room and given a nice warm meal. During the night she heard a beautiful sound unlike any other that she had ever heard. She could not go out of her room and investigate but stayed up all night to hear the sound that rang out from time to time. She was bursting with curiosity to know what it was. She questions the nuns and they tell her that they cannot share the source of the sound with her as she was not a nun. The woman left but could not forget the sound. She came back a few months later just to see if she could find out more about the beautiful sound. The nuns were as hospitable as they were the last time but were very firm that they could not divulge the source of the sound as she was not a nun. The lady said that she was willing to become a nun and asked how she was to go about it. She went through much penance and training and many years later finally became a nun. The nuns were very pleased and finally agreed to show her the source of the sound that had fascinated her so much. They took her deep into the building and opened a secret door. She stepped into the room but I cannot tell you what she saw and heard because…… you are not a nun!
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