animal jokes

Mar Vel
A man was walking by a farm when he observed the farmer taking his lambs one by one to the fruit tree and lifting them up. The lambs ate the fruit of the tree one by one. The farmer then walked the lamb back to its enclosure and took the next one to the tree. 
The man observed this extraordinary sight and asked the farmer why he didn’t save more time by just plucking all the fruit and feeding all the lambs the fruit in their enclosure at the same time. The puzzled farmer replied, “Why would time matter to my lambs?”
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Mar Vel
A lady was giving her friend instructions on watering her plants and feeding her animals while she was away for the weekend. She told her that she had a guard dog called Brute who was no trouble at all and a parrot that talked too much. She requested her friend to ignore both the dog and the parrot and warned her, “Whatever you do, please ignore the parrot. Please do not talk to her.”. 
The friend agreed and came over the next day. She watered the plants, fed the dog and the parrot. The dog, Brute, pretty much ignored her the whole time but the parrot kept screaming at her in the filthiest language. Finally, she could take it no more and forgetting her friend’s warning shouted back at the offensive bird. The parrot screeched, “Brute, attack!”.
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Mar Vel
A herd of cows was gossiping about the outbreak of mad cow disease on the neighboring farm. They were all happy that none of their herd was infected. One of the cows spoke up and asked, “Why are you worried about mad cow disease? It does not infect us chickens.”.
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Mar Vel
A group of young rats was out for a night at the bar. They ended up boasting about how brave they were. Each rat tried to outdo the other with stories of escaping rat traps and eating rat poison. One of them was silent throughout. He got up to leave early. The other asked him why. He replied, “I need to get back and feed my pet cat.”.
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Mar Vel
A girl walked into her friend’s house and found her engrossed in a game of chess with her cat. She was shocked and exclaimed that this was the cleverest cat that she had ever seen. Her friend replied, “Not really! She has lost 2 games out of 3.”
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Mar Vel
A frog goes to a fortune teller to get a reading for his future and she predicts that in a couple of months he would meet a girl who was curious to get to know everything about him. The frog is happy to hear this and pays her double her fee. As an afterthought, he asks where he will meet this girl. She tells him that it will be in a biology laboratory.
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Mar Vel
A man consults a psychiatrist with the complaint that his wife thinks she is a greyhound. The psychiatrist requests that he bring his wife in for treatment. The man hesitates to wonder if he should. He tells the psychiatrist that she had won almost all of the local greyhound races.
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