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Mar Vel
A group of professors from the local school of aeronautics were gifted an overnight trip to the nearest city by flight. They were all pleasantly surprised and happily prepared for the trip and boarded the flight. Their air hostess for the day happily announced that the professors would be proud to know that the plane that they had boarded was engineered and built by their very own students. All but one of the professors ran out of the plane. The air hostess was shocked by this lack of confidence in their own students. She was impressed by the professor who had stayed back and went over to congratulate him on his confidence in his students. He replied that he had so much confidence in his students that he knew that the plane would not even start.

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Mar Vel
A child comes back from home looking very pleased with herself. Her mom asks her why she looks so happy. She replies that she was the only one who answered her teacher's question. “What was the question?”, the mom asked. “Who broke that computer?”, replied the girl.

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Mar Vel
Once, a teacher took his class out for an outing. When they finally sat down for a picnic lunch one child interrupted the teacher asking if bugs were edible. The teacher scowled at the child and told him to eat in silence. After lunch, the teacher remembered the child’s interruption and asked him what he wanted to say. The child replied, “It's alright Sir. I wanted to know if bugs were edible as I saw a bug on your sandwich. It doesn’t matter now!”.

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Mar Vel
History Teacher: “Where was the Treaty Of Paris signed?”

Student: “At the bottom of the page.”
Mar Vel
Teacher: “What do you mean your dog ate your homework?”
Student: “You did say it was a piece of cake.”

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Mar Vel
The math teacher asked his class, “If your dad had 9 million dollars and gave you 25% of it, what would you have?”. One bright student replied, “A heart attack!”.
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Mar Vel
A father was puzzled to see his son back home from school early. He asked him why. “Because I answered the teacher’s question truthfully.”, he replied. “Okay…….”, said the father, “What was the question?”. Hesitantly the son replied, “The question was...who broke two of the classroom windows.”.
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Mar Vel
The elementary school teacher asks a child, “If I gave you a dollar and then another dollar, how many would you have?”.
The child replies, “3.”
The teacher tries again by asking, “If I gave you a piece of candy and then another piece of candy how many would you have?”.
The child replies, “2.”.
“Excellent!”, says the teacher, “No, if I gave you a dollar and then another dollar, how many would you have?”.
The child replies, “3.”
Exasperated, the teacher asks, “Why?”.
“Because I already have a dollar in my pocket!”, says the child.
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