doctor jokes

Mar Vel
Patient: “Do you see any change?”.
X-Ray Tech: “No, why?”.
Patient: “I’m here because I swallowed coins.”.

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Mar Vel
The management called for a meeting of all the trainee doctors and nurses in the hospital. Someone had sprayed graffiti all over the hospital corridor and they wanted to know who. The trainee nurses unanimously blamed the trainee doctors with proof. What was the proof?
The handwriting was so bad nobody could understand what the graffiti said.

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Mar Vel
A man was boasting to his co-workers about just how accurate his doctor’s prediction and treatment was. His doctor had told him that he would be on his feet in a month and he was. His co-workers asked how his doctor had achieved that. He replied, “I had to sell my car to pay the doctor’s bill!”.
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Mar Vel
A parent was complaining to the doctor that her toddler kept putting everything he saw into his mouth. That morning he had swallowed the contents of a packet of yeast and managed to get a taste of wax polish. She wanted to know what would happen to her child. The doctor obviously had a great sense of humor. He replied that her child would rise and shine!
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Mar Vel
A lady took her drunk husband to the doctor. He was so drunk that he couldn’t answer any of the doctor’s questions. The doctor gave up and told the lady, “Madam, I’m unable to make a diagnosis. I guess it must be the alcohol.”. The lady replied, “Oh! I’m so sorry doctor. I’ll come back when you are sober.”.
Mar Vel
A lady had consulted the doctor on her boyfriend’s increasing deafness. The doctor told her to speak to him from a distance and see if there was a response. She was to keep getting closer and repeat the sentence until she got a response. The test would tell how bad the hearing problem was.

The lady stood far away from her boyfriend and said, “I love you!”. No response. She went closer and repeated it, to no response. She kept doing this till finally when she was right next to her boyfriend she said, “I love you!” and heard the response, “For the 7th time, I love you too!”.

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