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  • A long bridge crossing Reuss river located in lucerne it is the oldest wooden bridge which connects the old town to new town
  • The 14th-century bridge has paintings series in the inner walls of the bridge from 17 the century. In 1993 extreme fire broke and completely destructed the structure. the bridge has been rebuilt since 
  • It features the 140-foot Wasserturm (watchtower), an eight-sided citadel made of brick.it functioned as a treasury, watchtower, torture chamber, and prison .both the bridge and tower are major landmarks in the city and also the countries most photographed monuments

  • located in the Bern state of Switzerland and is one of the best tourist spots in the world  
  • In the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, and the main transport gateway to the mountains and lakes of that region
  • It is surrounded by the Alps, but it's not actually in the mountains. the town is situated between two beautiful lakes
  • The street connecting both stations is the main shopping streets
  • Interlaken has two rail stations. Interlaken Ost is the main one, Interlaken west is smaller. these stations offer frequent train, bus, and boat services to all attractions

  • The titlis is a mountain in central Switzerland to be reached by a revolving cable car. Titlis is a high alpine attraction and viewpoint. the cable car to the titlis departs from the town of Engelberg, about 45 minutes from Lucerne. the last section of the cable car features a revolving cable car, allowing you to enjoy the views all around
  • An amazing view of a high Alpine world of rocks and snow
  • The "ICE FLYER" chairlift allows you to fly over the glacier and see it up close. there is often snow at other places at the top too, but not always as the climate is getting warmer
  • Take a walk into the Glacier Cave; a tunnel in the ice of the glacier
  • The Titlis cliff walk is a spectacular suspension bridge to see the mountains from a different perspective; 
  • Several hiking trails start or end at the mid-station of cable car,