Mar Vel
15 April 2019 1:33:16 PM UTC in English Jokes

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity
A middle-aged lady had a car crash. She was unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. When she was being treated in the emergency room she saw a bright light and was suddenly faced with God. She felt a great calm and had a long meaningful conversation with God. After a while, he told her that it was not her time to die yet and that she would return to her life on earth. The lady asked God how long she had. He replied that she had 10 more years. The lady survived and was discharged from the hospital with a new sense of appreciation for her second chance at life. She decided to turn her life around and make the most of her 10 years. She began to eat healthily, exercise every day and even had a total makeover to make herself look better. 6 months passed and she suddenly died and was taken to heaven. She was furious at God and asked him whey he had let her die when he had promised her 10 more years. God asked for her identification details again and then apologized profusely. He had made a mistake because he hadn't recognized her.
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