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  • Overwater bungalow, to teeming wildlife and tropical jungle, Bora bora reputation for idyllic gateways has been carried on the tide to all corners of the globe. Bora bora is shimmering in the south pacific ocean and sheltered by a pristine lagoon and barrier reef is a French Polynesian island.
  • Bora Bora was found by the earliest Polynesian marine in the early 3rd century. In ancient times, the islands were known as" PORA PORA MAI TE  PORA "or created by the god today this paradise appears to have been created for just one thing, RELAXATION.
  • Bora Bora has a soaring peak of MOUNT OTEMANU, whose eruptions lifted the ocean floor into the bright pacific sunlight millions of years an ago 
  • From Bora, bora airport takes a  ferry across the lagoon to the main island step ashore, and be welcomed by the happy harmonies of island songs in Vaitape which the Bora Bora largest town
  • has crystal clear waters brimming with life, over water and beachfront bungalow. LE MERIDIAN is a 5 star favorite of honeymooners and romantics.another most iconic bungalow hideaways is ST REGIS resort it has a private luxury resort across the Sofitel Motu is one of the world most lavish hotel group SOFITEL MARARA.
  • The island economy runs exclusively on tourism bora has a typical island shape there is one part  looks like a fish which is surrounded by islands and they form a lagoon in the middle of the island and its economy is from coconuts you can get hit or killed by the coconuts 
  • During world war 2 us used this island as a supply base and it officially ended on September 2 1945 the battlefield was mostly based in Europe and some parts of Asia since the us was an ally of France so it was a  supplier base in the south pacific region there are still several war cannons left and it is the main attraction of the region 
  • In this island, it is complicated to exchange money and they only accept only visa cards and there is no public transportation on this island 
  • some resorts of this island let you fish for the suppers everything here is really expensive and you can swim with stingrays and sharks 
  • This island is famous for its black pearls there is no poisonous spiders or snakes on the island