Mar Vel
13 May 2019 10:58:21 AM UTC in Food Jokes

Never Judge A Dish By It’s Name

Never Judge A Dish By It’s Name
A couple who were interested in obscure and different cuisine was always on the lookout for the most bizarre restaurants. They heard much about a restaurant in a city that was miles away from where they lived. 
They travelled all the way to the restaurant in great anticipation of a memorably different experience. They were disappointed to find that the menu looked like any other standard Chinese restaurant menu. They asked the waiter to just bring them two of their best dishes. After a short wait, two covered dishes were brought to the table. The waiter requested that they not touch the dishes. 
The lady watched fascinated as the cover of her dish lifted slightly and she saw two eyes looking at her before the lid went back down again. The man looked at his dish. Suddenly, the lid was thrown off and a chicken ran off from from the dish squawking. They asked the waiter for the names of the dishes. He said, the lady’s dish was Peeking Duck and the other was Chicken Surprise.
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