Mar Vel
06 May 2019 4:19:42 PM UTC in Animal Jokes

Book book book

Book book book
A woman kept a hen that she was very fond of. One day the hen walked up to her and said, “Book book book!”. The lady was excited that the hen wanted a book and gave her a book. After a while, the hen returned with the book and gave it back. She started off again, “Book book book!”. The woman was amused and gave her another book which she took and returned with after a while. This continued through the day. After a few hours, the woman was a little tired of the routine and running out of books. She gave the hen a book and then quietly followed her to see what she was doing with the books. The hen carried the book to a shady place by the pond where she gave it to a frog. The frog looked at the book and said, “Redit redit redit!”. The chicken then picked up the book and returned to the woman’s house.
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