Homework Joke

Why did a kid eat his homework??

His teacher told him it was a piece of cake...
Angella Williams .
Angella Williams .

Modern cinderella affair

The story has a twist-after their marriage,one day,Cinderella was havin bath.after some time,the prince,sittin in the hall,could hear voices from the bathroom. (conversation) prince: darling,what are you doing in the bathroom? Cinder.:i'm bathing,dear. (but still the prince could hear voices ).so the prince himself Peeped through the curtain of the bathroom to see what was happening. He saw Cinderella was having sex with a man. Man & Cinderella were naked. Prince shouts: who is this man ,cinderella?! Cinderella: this is my boyfriend.his name is 'ing'.i love him. Prince:why did you lie to Me? Cinderella:i told you the truth. I told that i was bath-ing. Which means"i was havin bath with ing"!!! Prince: RRRRRRRRRR!!!!! :-x
27 June 2012 10:36:32 PM UTC
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rameshraju .
rameshraju .

Why did you ring me?

DRUNKERED: Hello ... Is it brandy shop owner?
OWNER: Yes its me ... what do you want?
DRUNKERED: Are you mad? I came to drink, and you've locked the shop.
OWENER: Today is saturday. So I have locked the shop earlier, tomorrow sunday is a holiday. Come on monday sir and you can take 2 or 3 bottles
DRUNKERED: I have 600 bottles with me... come soon ... I'm dying of drinking
OWNER: Then why did you phone me sir?
DRUNKERED: The fact is you've locked me in the shop and went away ...
15 June 2012 3:56:01 AM UTC
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charmin patel .
charmin patel .

sardar joke

sardar ne ek pack viski banayi aur apni patni ko bulaya aur bola pi isko
patni:chi kitna ganda hai
sardar aur tum bolte ho ki ham roj maja karte hai
26 May 2012 8:40:41 AM UTC
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chandu .
chandu .

Best Advices:-

Two best advices for safe life:-

1. always speak truth, no matter how bitter harsh it is....!

2. run immediately after sayng it....!
24 May 2012 4:58:59 AM UTC
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(anonymous) .
(anonymous) .

Chinese Phone book

You have got more chins than a chinese phone book!
18 May 2012 7:00:25 AM UTC
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(anonymous) .
(anonymous) .

Tom and Teacher

Teacher: Tom why is your cat at school today?
Tom: I am protecting it Maam
Teacher: (confused) Protecting from what Tom?
Tom: I heard my dad whispering to my mum "Il eat that pussy when the kids leave for school"
17 May 2012 4:40:05 AM UTC
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Nena .
Nena .


Man: Mom why did the chicken ran the street?
Mom: Who let out the Chicken?
Man: Mom its only a jokes.
Mom: Its not a joke baboso do you know how much does chicken cost?
Ainomugisha Nerbert .
Ainomugisha Nerbert .

The fishermen

Having arrived at the edge of the
river, the fisherman soon realized
he had forgotten to bring any
bait. Just then he happened to
see a little snake passing by who
had caught a worm. The
fisherman snatched up the snake
and robbed him of his worm.
Feeling sorry for the little snake
with no lunch, he snatched him
up again and poured a little beer
down his throat. Then he went
about his fishing.
An hour or so later the fisherman
felt a tug at his pant leg. Looking
down, he saw the same snake
with three more worms in his
(anonymous) .
(anonymous) .

small joke

thalli:mavayya jagratha ela drive chestunnavu
chitti:two hands tho drve chestunnanu
thalli:avna mari thinatem kuda two hands tho thintunnava
chitti:ledamma spoon tho thintunnanu
16 April 2012 1:50:11 AM UTC
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