Betty Batt

Silly Santa and Banta Jokes

Santa: Please help me, I lost my pet dog Johnny.
Police: How do I identify it?
Santa: If I go near it, it will wag it's tail.

Santa sees Banta's hand in a bandage and asks: How did you get hurt?

Banta: I put my hand inside a dog's mouth to count the number of teeth and it closed it's mouth to count the number of my figers.

Santa: Why are you not celebrating your birthday tomorrow.

Banta: Because I was born in the night, so it would be birthnight.
04 June 2011 4:07:27 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Police and Thief Jokes

Police: Why did you steal my police car?
Man: Because it is written in the car that Police is Man's Friend. Is taking a friend's car called as stealing?

Police: Why did you remove the fan from the train compartment?
Thief: Because it was written that Railways is public property.
04 June 2011 4:06:28 AM UTC
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Betty Batt


Man1: Which soap do you use?
Man2: Tom's
Man1: Is that a new brand, I have never heard of it.
Man2: No, Tom is my brother.
04 June 2011 4:06:14 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Teacher and Student Joke

Teacher: Have you finished the homework of writing two essays?

Student: Yess ma'am

Teacher: The first one looks good but the second one is not. Why?

Student: Because my mom writes better than my dad.
Betty Batt

Deadly PJ

What newspaper did the neanderthal man read?
The PreHistoric Times!
04 June 2011 4:05:42 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Clever Son

Son: Dad, mom said that you can even write in the dark. Is that true?

Dad: Yes son, that's true. Why do you ask?

Son: Well, then I will switch off the light, can you please try signing on my report card.
04 June 2011 4:05:32 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Man in the Barber Shop Joke

Man: Please cut my hair short.

Barber: How short sir?

Man: SO short that my wife won't be able to pull it.
Betty Batt

Mom, Son and Doctor

Son: Mom, is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Mom: Yes son.

Son: Well can I have one now, because I broke his window.
04 June 2011 4:04:56 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Short and Funny Jokes

Teacher: What does India produce that no other country in the world can produce?
Student: Indians!

Deadly PJ: Why does a dog wag it's tail?
Because it cannot wag its leg.

Man to the dry-cleaner: You lost my costly shirt and yet you ask money for the dry-cleaning.
Dry-cleaner: I lost it after it was dry-cleaned.

A poster read: All illiterates are required to send their name, age and address neatly written in a postcard to the National Literacy Association.

What is the first step towards divorce?
Getting married!
04 June 2011 4:04:29 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Silly Animal Joke

What animal can you see for a second and not see the next second and again see it again the next second?
A rat walking on a zebra crossing.
04 June 2011 4:04:04 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Santa, Banta and the Hen

Santa: Yesterday my hen fell into a pot of boiling water.

Banta: Then did you cook and have it for dinner?

Santa: No, now it is laying boiled eggs!
04 June 2011 4:03:33 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Globalization Joke

Man1: The people of this country are corrupt and are ruining their own country.

Man2: Do you want this work also to be done by the MNCs?
04 June 2011 4:03:11 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Question and Answer Jokes

Question: When is a vetinary doctor busiest?
Answer: When it is raining cats and dogs.

Q: Why are doctors, lawyers and income tax officials buried six feet deep instead of the usual two feet?
A: Because deep down they are actually good people.
04 June 2011 4:02:51 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Teacher and Student

Teacher: Your handwriting is going from bad to worse to worst every passing day.
Student: Well if it goes from bad to better you will find fault with my spelling.
04 June 2011 4:02:25 AM UTC
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Betty Batt

Santa Banta Hilarious Jokes

Santa: What do tigers have that no other animal can have?
Banta: Baby tigers

Santa: Whenever I come to your house, only old songs are being played on your Radio. Why?
Banta: Because I bought the radio twenty years before.

Santa: Did you read the book 'How to make your wife shut-up' that I gave you last week?
Banta: No
Santa: Why?
Banta: Because my wife didn't let me read it!
04 June 2011 4:02:08 AM UTC
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