Betty Batt

Distant Relative

Santa: Who is Manta?
Banta: A distant relative of mine.
Santa: How is he related to you?
Banta: He is my own brother.
Santa: Then why did you say that he was a distant relative.
Banta: Because between us there are 5 brothers and 4 sisters.
04 June 2011 12:49:14 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

2 Men

Man 1: Why did you leave your wife?
Man 2: Because she became fat.
Man 1: Buy you have broken the wedding promise.
Man 2: No but I only promised that I will stand through thick and thin.
04 June 2011 12:49:01 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Cricket Joke

Cricket player to his friend: It is important to be a good fielder.
Friend: Why?
Cricket: So that you can catch the pinroll when your wife throws it on you.
04 June 2011 12:48:43 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Two Men Joke

Man 1: My wife has a bad habit of sleeping only after 2 am.
Man 2: What does she do till then?
Man 1: She is waiting for me to return home.
04 June 2011 12:48:27 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Iron and Gold Joke

Teacher: What will happen to iron if kept in the open for a long time.
Student: It will become rusted.
Teacher: How about gold?
Student: It will get stolen.
04 June 2011 12:48:15 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Physics Joke

A physics teacher noticed that one of the students had fallen asleep and his head was about to fall on the table.

He pulled his ear and said: "How dare you sleep in my class?"

The student replied, "Sir it was just the force of gravity acting on my head. What can I do?"
04 June 2011 12:47:58 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Director and Girl Joke

Director to young girl: You can play the role of the mother.
Girl: But I am too young for that.
Director: Don't worry, you are not the only one who come to me for a role. When your turn comes, you will be at the right age.
04 June 2011 12:47:42 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Waiter and Customer Joke

Waiter: Please don't insult me my tipping me just one dollar.
Customer: Then how much do you want as a tip?
Waiter: One more dollar.
Customer: Sorry, I don't want to insult you twice.
04 June 2011 12:47:26 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

2 Kids Joke

Kid 1: My dad is so strong that he can stop three trucks and ten cars with a single hand.
Kid 2: Wow, what is your dad?
Kid 1: A traffic policeman
04 June 2011 12:47:10 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Teacher and Student Jokes

Teacher: Do you know to write?
Student: Yes ma'am
Teacher: Them write your name on the black board.
Student scribbles something on the board.
Teacher: What is that you have written?
Student: I know to write but not to read ma'am

Teacher: Do you know why the number of days of holidays is more during the summer than during the winter season?
Student: Because during the summer everything expands which during the winter everything contracts.
04 June 2011 12:46:57 PM UTC
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Betty Batt


The organizer asked the lady in an art exhibition: "Your reason for coming to this exhibition..."

The lady replied, "It's raining outside"
04 June 2011 12:46:31 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

2 Men Joke

Man 1 to another man: I heard that you are having an affair with the girl next door and you are also planning to divorce your wife.

Man 2: No way, I will die of hunger if I divorce.

Man 1: How?

Man 2: The girl next door doesn't know to cook.
04 June 2011 12:46:12 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

World War 3 Joke

Teacher: What will happen if a third world war happens?
Student: I will fail in history ma'am.
04 June 2011 12:45:47 PM UTC
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Betty Batt


Santa: I am as strong as I in my younger days.

Banta: How do you say so?

Santa: You see that heavy rock over their... I couldn't lift it when I was young and I am not able to lift it now also.
04 June 2011 12:45:20 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Short Jokes

There are only two times that you cannot understand a woman... before marriage and after marriage.

Santa: I really don't understand how some people can stay for 20 days without brushing their teeth. My mouth starts feeling bad on the 10th day itself.

Lady of the house: My husband seems to be having an affair with the cook.
Maid: Please don't make me feel jealous.
04 June 2011 12:45:06 PM UTC
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