Betty Batt


Santa: I went to a film where the audience became happy at the end.
Banta: Why, did the movie have a happy climax?
Santa: No, everyone were happy that the movie had ended.

Wife: Why do you always switch off the radio whenever I enter the room.
Husband: Because I can listen to only one radio at a time.
04 June 2011 12:57:56 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Funny Santa Banta

Santa and Banta were eating in a restaurant and ordered chicken. The plate had a big piece of chicken and a small one. Santa grabbed the bigger one.

Banta: You don't seem to have any table manners. If I were you I would have taken the smaller piece.

Santa: So what, you still got the smaller piece.

Santa: Yesterday a grain of sand got into my wife's eye and it cost me 200 dollars.

Banta: That is nothing. Yesterday a diamond necklace got in to my wife's eye and it cost me 2000 dollars.

Santa: I don't like people who talk behind people's back.
Banta: Me too, especially in the cinema hall.
04 June 2011 12:57:42 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Customer and Waiter Joke

Customer: The food that I had yesterday was much better tasting then the one you have given me now.
Waiter: How can it be, it is the same food served to you yesterday.
04 June 2011 12:57:06 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Laugh aloud Joke

A man was planning to elope with his girlfriend. After waiting for a long time he called her up and asked what's taking so long.

She replied,
"Don't worry, my husband is packing the things. I should be ready in sometime".
Betty Batt

Hilarious Joke

Judge: How did you manage to rob the house without breaking the safe?
Thief: Sorry I cannot tell you my trade secrets.
04 June 2011 12:56:33 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Man and Wife

Man 1: My wife ran away with a good friend of mine.
Man 2: Does your friend look handsome or is he rich?
Man 1: I don't know. I have never seen him.
04 June 2011 12:56:19 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Short and Funny Jokes

Teacher: It is not always possible for a wise man to answer the stupid questions of an idiot.
Student: Ok, now I understand why I failed in the exams.

Man 1: Why are you cutting down all the trees?
Man 2: Because the minister is giving a speech here tomorrow to encourage tree plantation.
04 June 2011 12:56:05 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Santa Banta

Santa: How can you eat an egg without breaking it?
Banta: Have someone else break it for you.

Santa: Whatever I search for, I find it the last after finding all other unwanted things.
Bata: Why?
Santa: Because after finding it I stop.

Santa: Do you know that it can never rain continously for two days.
Banta: No, why?
Santa: Because there is a night between two days.
04 June 2011 12:55:48 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Hilarious Jokes

Man 1 to his neighbour: Tomorrow we are shifting to a better neighbourhood.
Man 2: Oh ok. From tomorrow our neighbourhood will also be better.

A man had fifty children. A friend asked him, "How come the family planning association people didn't approach you?"

The man replied, "They thought I was running a school and left without asking".

Teacher: How to protect fruits from rotting?
Student: Eat them.
04 June 2011 12:55:20 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Funny Two Men Joke

Man 1: I don't know what gift to buy for my wife for her birthday.
Man 2: Why don't you ask her?
Man 1: I don;t have so much to spend.
04 June 2011 12:54:54 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Miser Joke

Why did the miser invite only married couples to their wedding?
So that there wouldn't be an occasion to return the gifts.
04 June 2011 12:54:35 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Doctor and His Wife

Doctor to his wife: I am having a bad headache. Can you please call a doctor?
Wife: But you yourself are a doctor.
Doctor: But my fees is very high.
04 June 2011 12:54:23 PM UTC
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Betty Batt


Passenger to the bus driver: Will I miss the bus if I go for a cup of coffee now?
Driver: Not if you take me along.
04 June 2011 12:54:13 PM UTC
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Betty Batt


Santa: I asked you to just bring the flower but why did you bring the flower pot?
Banta: Because it is written "Don't pluck the flowers"

Dad: Why are you crying even after I gave you a dollar for the dollar that you lost?
Son: Because I would now be having two dollars instead of one if I hadn't lost it.

Man: Doctor, my son swallowed a nickel today.
Doctor: Don't worry, after all what can you buy with nickel today.

Santa: In our house all the utensils have my name written on them.
Banta: In my house all the utendils have a big hotel's name written on them.
04 June 2011 12:54:01 PM UTC
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Betty Batt

Patient and Friend

Patient to his friend: Today I found out that common cold can also be painful.
Friend: How?
Patient: By seeing the doctor's bill.
04 June 2011 12:53:48 PM UTC
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