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My $weet He@rt..............!

On this special Day of affection..
My thoughts naturally turn in your direction...
I think of many things big and small,That you H’ve given to me and given your all...
I see you always away from me in a big sky with MOON....
you are a angle in my life..
I’m thankful for the moon rays
that reaches your feelings to me....
and I’d like to remind you of all the special memories
you h've touched specially in my life....
Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure...!
you are my 'SWEET HEART'
i'll love you forever.......!
17 February 2011 11:23:24 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

My sweet heart : Why would
I bring you chocolate when
you are the treat...
My sweet heart : Why would I
bring you flowers when your
smell is what’s sweet...
My sweet heart : Why would I
buy you a card when the
words can be heard through me....
My sweet heart : Why would I
take you out some place,
when all I need is to see your beautifull face....
My sweet heart : Why would I
celebrate this on on this special day. When you are with
me, days will be always special......!
17 February 2011 11:20:56 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

Love is the feeling, comes from heart,
in the way of care and trust.......!
Love is a play, plays wit your own feelings..Ofcourse that
feelings play with your life.......! .
Love is what_i feel for you,
a Mother feel for son,
a brother feels for her sister..
a friend feels for his/her best friend....!
Love is a smile, costs nothing.
has the power to change someones life into something....
Love is a song, makes you remember anything
or you may forget everything......!
Love is emotion, that can change someones life into something or something into someones life......!
love is trust i've it for my
17 February 2011 11:18:43 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


We make so many friends,
some become Dearest,
some become Special,
we fall in love wit someone, some go abroad,
some change their cities,
some leave us, we leave some,
some are in contact,
some are not in contact,
some dont contact cuz of their ego,
we don't contact some bcz of our ego,
whatevr they were, However they are..
We still remember, love, miss, care them..
Bcz of the part they played to make
in our lives.........!
17 February 2011 11:12:47 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


Have you ever thanked
your friends for their smiles....?
Their hellos....?
Their taps at your back...?
Their way of calling your name...?
All these are small things
Easiest form to express deeplove....!
Imagine your friends never
doing that anymore - Small
things usually go unnoticed..
in reality, they are the ones
that keep us going...
Friends are always special......!
17 February 2011 11:08:10 AM UTC
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Anand Patil
Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

you are the beat of my heart..
Lover of my soul..
Sight of my eyes..
I'll never leave you & never wana let you go.....
you are The one who makes
me sing...
The one who makes me smile...
The one who makes me cry..
you are The one I really love....
The one who stolen my heart..
The one who can take my
Don't let me out of your heart.. I'm yours 4ver.....!
Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

I may not always contact with
Our distance makes me miss
I may not always stay In touch
with you....
I care for you very much....
I may not always say Hi..
I Hope never To say 'Goodbye'
i may not prove to be the
Perfect For you....
I hope the Relation we share
will Never reaches an END........!
Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

whenever morning sun_rays
touches to my Heart..
I always remember you..
you created such a mark(lv) on my heart..
you bring me so much happiness and joy....
you learned me meaning of life..
Those who loved me are someone...
my loved one is realone..Thats you...
In this lonely morning I just want to say you that..
Knowing you is an extraordinary pleasure...
your caring heart is always quick to give...
you are unique, a rare and very special treasure......!
17 February 2011 9:10:03 AM UTC
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veerendra chinna

Best one..

Expression of the face
could be seen by everyone..
dispersion of heart could be
understood only by the
best one..
Don't lose them in life...
sw swapna


Aasaavaadhi..gulabini chusthe..
niraasavaadhi daani krinda mulluni,chusthadu"..!

"neevu ni kosame jeevisthe..neevu
neelone nilichi pothaavu..

neevu janam kosam jeevisthe..
neevu janam lo nilichi pothavu".
17 February 2011 9:01:20 AM UTC
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padmini padmini

na nestham..!

**pasipapa navvu**

******mallepoovu la**

*********swacha mainadhi**


**naa snehithulu manasu**

*************malle poovu la**


17 February 2011 8:58:52 AM UTC
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padmini padmini


"istam lenidhi cheyatam..
chaalaa kastam"..

"istamaina vaari kosam..
kastam ga aina..
istam ga cheyatam..
chaala goppthanam..

padmini padmini

premikula lokam

vayasulo unna..
yuva jantaki..

preme goppa..
gelupu anipisthundhi..

adi sudilo padadose..
naava ayina sare..

sudilo nunchi..
sudine thanneyagala..
aavesam untundhi..

7 samudraalanu ayina easy ga..
eedeya gala satha untundhi..

10 mandhini ayina kotte dharyam..
untundhi..ee raktham lo..

Anduke prema..neeku johaarlu..