Anand Patil


17 February 2011 9:43:26 PM UTC
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sw swapna

na nestham..

na netham gurinchi aalochisthunte..
na kantilo nundi..kanneeti chukka
rali padaga..adiganu..endhuku raali

apudu aa kanniti chukka
nitho undalanukuni..vachanu..
nenu unde place kuda lekunda chesadu..
ni frnd"...annadhi..

Anand Patil


Birds that live in a lake
will flaw away..
when the lake dries up..
the lotus that grows in the same lake..
will die with the lake...
Thats the commitment in true friendship.....!
17 February 2011 9:05:49 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


A Friend Is someone who knows
the song In ur Heart
Can sing It Back to you,
when you Have Forgotten the words...........!
17 February 2011 8:30:27 PM UTC
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sw swapna


"ila manam ennallu
preminchukovaali raj"?..

"thappadhu..latha..manaki manchi
sambhandhaalu vachevaraku"...!


17 February 2011 7:55:09 PM UTC
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sw swapna


good morning..
Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

you live so far away..
you are so close to me..
I miss you everyday..
I tell you My all feelings of
I wish you could stay 4ver..
I need you now In my Life..
I know I can't get my way without you...
I think of you every night..
My feelings comes out from eyes as tear..
I need you so much...
My heart beats vary heavily
you live so far away
you are so close To Me..
I Miss you everyday....
17 February 2011 2:48:22 PM UTC
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padmini padmini


naalo cheppaleni anubhuthulu..
enduku..aakali thelidhu..

amma annam thinu ante..
apudu thelusthundhi..
annam thinalani..

evaritho sambandham lekunda
na aalochanallo undipovatam..

evaraina palakarinchithe
apudu thelusthundhi..
vere lokam lo unnanani..

nidhura anedhi theliyadhu..
paduko annapudu thelusthundhi
time madyratri 2 ayindhani..

endhuku naalo ee marpu..
frnds ante thelusthundhi
nenu premalo paddaanani..!

17 February 2011 1:34:59 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

Until there was you...
I walked the earth alone...
No hand to hold in mine...
My heart was all my own...
Until there was you....
True love was just a dream...
Dreams of wonder and tears...
Dreams of hope and fears...
Until there was you....
My life had no direction..
A road of uncertainty
now i have a journey with you..
So I thank my lucky stars
And God from the heavens above...
For my heart and soul could never Feel the impact of true love ..
Until there was you…..
17 February 2011 1:19:02 PM UTC
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padmini padmini


naaku kaavaali
oka kotha bangaru lokam..

nenu-na pranam
kalasi thirige lokam..

adhi kaavaali maa sontham..
adhe premikula lokam..

17 February 2011 1:15:17 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

I don’t think you will ever fully
understand how you have touched my life...
and made me who I am...
I don’t think you could ever know
just how truly special you are..
even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star....
I don’t think you will ever fully comprehend how you have
made my dreams come true
how you have opened my heart to love
and the wonders it can do.
You have allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love
that exists in my body, soul, and mind...
I don’t think you could ever
feel all the love I have to give
I’m sure you’ll never realize
you’ve been my will to live.
You are an amazing person
without you I don’t know where i would be...
Having you in my life completes
and fulfills every part of me...
That's way i love you.......!
17 February 2011 1:10:50 PM UTC
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padmini padmini


ni mounam nannu..
dooram chesthundhi..

ni kopam napai
niku gala prema ni
theliya chesthundhi..

vaddhu ni mounam naaku..
kaavaali naku ni kopam..

17 February 2011 1:06:41 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

This feeling of love that
I have for you,
A feeling so strong, so special, so new.
You give me the gift of happiness on each day,
Never have I known it could be this way..
You have given your love regardless of cost,
With my heart in your care,
I will never be lost. Or never again wonder what love really means..
For now I don't know it means so many things.
Understanding and caring, through good times
and bad, Sharing emotions,
should they be happy or sad.
Being there for each other through laughter or tears,
At each other’s side for the rest of our years.
My only wish is to be with you,
each day I pray for you heavens above.
That you always remember my feelings for you.
A feeling so strong, so special, so new... That i learned from you........!
17 February 2011 1:06:35 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

In my dreams..
we were never apart...
In my dreams you kept me close.
In my dreams you loved me the most.
In my dreams we’re always together.
I may dream forever
i may be a dream in one day..But, That day my heart beat stops forever................!
17 February 2011 1:01:37 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

My $weet He@rt..............!

Lives are for living
I live for you....!
Dreams are for dreaming
I dream for you.....!
Hearts are for beating
mine beats for you.....!
Angels are for keeping.
But, i can't keep you...
in my life you are a star shining in sky........!
17 February 2011 12:56:29 PM UTC
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