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Lnly hrt..

I miss you so much, I need you right now, I'm sorry we had afight,
I thought i could get overyou, but you're all
i think about at night!!
Baby come back you can blame it all on me...My life is u..
19 February 2011 7:56:40 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

A best line by true lover.......!

A best line saided in true love....

" 'I love you' even more
when I started this sentence"
19 February 2011 7:25:15 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Féê£ Mý £øvë..............!

If the people we love
are stolen away from us..
the only way to have them
live on is to never stop loving them....
Buildings burn, people die, He@rts breaks,
but real love is forever…
19 February 2011 7:22:29 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Féê£ Mý £øvë..............!

They say that as long as
there is one person loving you..
life isn’t a waste.
So if you lose hope
and thought that life is not
worth living,
just remember I’m here...
Until there is a beat in this
alone He@rt.......!
19 February 2011 7:18:38 AM UTC
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sw swapna


1 of urs .
1 of urs .


Anand wenvr i c ur msgs i jus imagine u as smal baby as lyk in ur profi pict. ur al msgs r pentastic.
ur lou feelngs r so sweet.ur feelngs alwys touchs me.
ur sweet heart is vary luky. I dnt knw 4 hom u riting ur lov feelngs bt i lyk i lou dat.
m lou failur bt wen i see ur lou..
wt can i say m again in lou wid uuuuuuuuuuuuuu..
i dnt want anymor. want b urs
19 February 2011 6:00:34 AM UTC
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veerendra chinna

Lnly hrt

When i am with you i feel like i am on top of the world, when i am not i can't breath, and everything around me stops! I just wish for one time in my life.. i could be with you forever and never let go….
19 February 2011 5:55:28 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Never walk away.........!

Never walk away from
closed Ones....
when you see some faults...
Be patient and realise that
nobodys perfect...
its the affection that matters
not the perfection.........!
19 February 2011 3:16:49 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

A blind man......!

A blind man was begging
on side of new york street...
with a board written..
"I am blind.. help me.....!"
Once a guy passing that side
saw him..
And He took his Board and
wrote some thing..
From that time the Blind man
got heavy collection.
Many people started giving
money to him.
Can you guess what he wrote....?
He wrote Today is a beautiful day
but, i cant see it ....."
The way of expression can change many things and also our life.......!
19 February 2011 3:14:29 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

True message........!

A short but True MESSAGE...
CARE should be in HEART
not in words....
Anger should be in words
and not in HEART.........!
19 February 2011 3:12:11 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


Some people always throw
stones in your path.
It depends on you..
what you make with them.
Wall or Bridge...?
Remember you are the
architect of your life........!
19 February 2011 3:06:59 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


when a person expects care
from you..
it does't means that there is
no_one to care for him/her...
it means the care from you is
very special...than anyone else...
19 February 2011 3:02:50 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


We never have what we like..
we never like what we have..
Still we live, love
& hope that some day we'll
get what we love
love what we have.......!
19 February 2011 2:59:48 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


A child on a farm
sees a plane fly overhead
& dreamz of a far away place....
The Pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse & dreamz of his home....
That's life.....!
19 February 2011 2:56:56 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

A quote.....!

Beautiful Quote:
Don't worry, if others do not understand you....!
Worry only if u can't understand Yourself....!
Live Life and Love Life.....!
19 February 2011 2:53:10 AM UTC
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