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17 May 2011 2:46:48 AM UTC
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vishwa teja .
vishwa teja .


Teacher:Which is the most important book in your life

Student:My fathers cheque book.
05 May 2011 7:31:43 PM UTC
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(anonymous) .
(anonymous) .

kathal kavithai

idhayam thirandhu nesithu par unmayana kathal ther
veneet .
veneet .


ek ladka haina pagal tha
to une chepda khaya
Sammyantha .
Sammyantha .


my mums so old aged,
she thinks lol means lots of love,
so today she sent me a text saying,
"gran just died lol"
31 March 2011 1:28:28 PM UTC
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akura201 .
akura201 .

paper, grass , and cowz

*student walks up to teacher with blank paper*
Student: i drew a picture of a cow eating grass for you
teacher: wheres the grass?
student: there is no grass
teacher: then weres the cow?
student the cow went away cuz their was no grass!

=D comment if u get it :D


eacher :What happened in 1809?
Student: Abraham Lincoln was born.
Teacher :What happened in 1819?
Student: Abraham Lincoln was ten years old.
01 March 2011 5:58:04 AM UTC
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lori mamo .
lori mamo .

Student funny drawing

A kid gave his teacher a blank piece of paper.
Teacher: What is this?
Kid: It's a drawing of a cow eating grass.
Teacher: (looked at the paper) Where's the grass?
Kid: The cow ate all of it.
...Teacher: (looked at the paper again)Then, where's the cow?
Kid: It left because there was no more grass.­­
07 February 2011 1:47:44 PM UTC
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chavanakhilkumar .
chavanakhilkumar .

news paper

2day's news paper
2moro wast paper
Balu .
Balu .

kids joke

Teacher: Tell me 5 water animals.
Student: Fish
Teacher: Good, and tell me the other 4.
Student: the fish father, mother, Sister, elder Brother.
30 November 2010 11:35:16 PM UTC
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Chelseafan444 .
Chelseafan444 .


Teacher :- Ron, did your dad help you with your Homework?

Student :- No sir, he did it all.
16 November 2010 9:08:47 AM UTC
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Chameleon .
Chameleon .

Alphabet Project

For a homework assignment a young boy is asked to study his alphabet.

When the boy arrives home and the boy approaches his father as his father watches a football game and asks, 'What's the first letter of the alphabet?' Just then the opposing team of the fathers favorite make a goal and his father blurts out, 'You suck!' And sends the boy away.

Then the boy comes to his mother whom is on the phone with a very important call and he ask her, 'What's the second letter of the alphabet?' But his mom replies, 'Shut up.' And sends him away.

The boy then goes to his brother who is watching TV and ask, 'Whats the third letter of the alphabet?' But the brother to busy watching TV sings,'Na-na na-na na-na-na-na Batman!' And sends the boy away.

The boy then goes to his sister who is watching The Wiggles and asks, 'What's the fourth letter of the alphabet?' and the sister to preoccupied with her TV and sings, 'Drivin' my big red car.' And sends the boy away.

The next day at school the teacher ask him to say his alphabet and the boy says, "You Suck!"
"Hey, That's no way to speak to your teacher!"
"Shut Up!"
"Now just who do you think you are mister?!"
'Na-na na-na na-na-na-na Batman!'
"That's it! How do you expect to get away with this one!?"
'Drivin' my big red car.'

28 September 2010 9:54:17 PM UTC
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(anonymous) .
(anonymous) .

how many fingures in your hand

lady teacher to student:- how many fingure in your right hand

KG student:- 6 mam
lady teacher:- studpid. pant mein se haath bahar nikal
29 April 2010 2:52:07 AM UTC
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(anonymous) .
(anonymous) .


son:can't you do this simple sum?
dad:my teacher is weak in maths.
karthik .
karthik .


teacher;suriyan merke maraigirathu ithu renna kaalam etir kalama nigal kaalama
student;aathu saigalam di