Anand Patil


The actual meaning of MORNING is
Means one more inning given by god to play and win..
So have a lovely winning day....
14 January 2011 11:53:29 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Killing english..

Class teacher once said:
1) "pick up the paper
and fall in the dustbin...!!!"
2) once P.T master said
"both of you stand together seperately"
3) "will you hang that calender or else i'll hang myself"
4) tomorrow call your parents especially mother and father..
5) "why are you lookin at
The monkeys out side when i'm in the class..!!"
keep smile...
14 January 2011 11:52:23 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Simple way of...

A simple way of Happy Living:
Forget two things in life
1)The GOOD
you do for others
2)The BAD
done by others to you....
14 January 2011 11:49:54 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Great lines..

Great lines by a friend..
"the longest distance
on earth is not North to South..
It is when i stand in front of you and you ignore me.."
14 January 2011 11:48:08 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

How long..

How long will your friendship
be special to me..
As long as the stars
Twinkle in the sky,
As long as angels are
there up so High,
Till the ocean run dry
And Till the day i die....
14 January 2011 11:47:02 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Positive think..

Every bad situation
will have something positive...
Even a stopped clock
is correct twice a day..
Think of this & lead ur life..
14 January 2011 11:45:38 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

A solid truth..

When you start loving somebody..
You start caring yourself..
when you start caring about others,
somebody starts loving you..
14 January 2011 11:44:35 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Think 4 while..

If someone throws stone
towards you,
Throw love towards them..
if someone throws love
towards you,
Then stop for a while & think Bcz love hurts more then .
14 January 2011 11:43:34 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


Parents are my eyes..
Lover is my Heart..
Teacher is my brain..
Brother is my Hands..
friendship is my blood..
That's life..
14 January 2011 11:42:11 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


4 main things in life.. ...
Never leave it.
LOVE-share it,
Never keep it.
RESPECT-Earn it,
Never ask 4 it.
TRUST-Make it,
Never break it.
Friends 4vr..
14 January 2011 11:41:02 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


Some times hurting is
needed to make you grow,
Failure is needed to
make you strong,
Losers are needed to make you gain,
Some lessons are best when we Learnt through pain..
14 January 2011 11:40:09 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


Sweetest part in life is to carry the memories in life,
Toughest part is to
say good bye to person who is behind those memories..
14 January 2011 11:38:52 AM UTC
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Anand Patil


Every morning is a
Begining of Evening...
A New birth is a
begining of Death..
Every Life brings Death..
Every death Brings Life Again...???
14 January 2011 11:37:46 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

Truth of life

Lovely thing to learn from water..
"Adjust yourself in every situation & in any shape.."
Most importantly,
Always find out your
"own way to flow.."
14 January 2011 11:35:14 AM UTC
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Anand Patil

A story..

A cute love story..
Girl: m i pretty.?
Boy: No..!
Girl: do u wan live wit me.?
Boy: No..!
Girl: if i leave you.. Then u'll cry..?
Boy: No..!
Girl got hurt and started to cry..
Boy hold tight and said: you r not pretty but BEAUTIFULL.. I don't want to live wit you..
But i live for You..
When you leave me i'll not cry but Die....
14 January 2011 11:27:10 AM UTC
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