Anand Patil

Miss me..

You may miss me!
you may ignore me!
You may even forget me!
one day you feel alone
don't search me..!
Just touch your heart;
This friend is always be their..,
14 January 2011 12:28:33 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


Dost Zindagi cigerate ki tarah hoti hi,
Enjoy karo... Warna sulag to rahi hai..
Khatam to waise be ho hi jayegi...
14 January 2011 12:26:50 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

3 things..

Wen things go wrong...
Wen sadness fills ur heart...
wen tears flow in ur eyes...
always remember 3 things
1) I'm with u... .
2) Still with u... .
3) Will ALWAYS b...
14 January 2011 12:26:01 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


Undr the sky so blue,
i meet someone so true,
now the world seems something new! Someone vary special among a few,
I'm glad that God gifted me a sweet friend like you....
14 January 2011 12:24:16 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


Beauty doesn't make Love
but love makes beauty;
break everything for Heart
never break heart for anything;
heart is the music, play it but, never play with it...
14 January 2011 12:22:47 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

ur friend..

Though I don't have a solution for all of your problems,
I'll listen.
Though I can't take away your pain,
i'll be there for you.
Though I can't prevent you from falling,
I'll offer a hand and help you stand on your feet.
Though your happiness and success are not mine,
I'll take pleasure in them.
Though I may have a different viewpoint,
I'll respect your opinion.
Though I can't fix everything that's wrong,
I'll offer my support...
And I'll do all of this,
because I'm your friend..
14 January 2011 12:20:47 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


When time is fast,
when moments are hard,
when everyone is busy,
when secondsr few,
my sms comes to say...
One of ur frend is still remembering you.....,
14 January 2011 12:18:32 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


Relation is jus like a glass,
a scratch on any side
will reflect on the other side to...
so always handle feelings carefully bcz,
The scratch cant be removed..
14 January 2011 12:17:07 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


Rememberance is the
sweetest flower in the garden of frndship..
A friend is a person who never thinks of the last three
letters of the word "FRIEND"...
14 January 2011 12:15:46 PM UTC
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Anand Patil


Love is a beautiful feeling,
no one can escape from it.
Keep your heart simple
and flexible to gain more love,
love is a sparkling word that comes and goes without our knowledge,
so enjoy each moment
with your loved ones..
14 January 2011 12:13:38 PM UTC
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Anand Patil

A joke..

A good joke.....!! .
There is limit for Love and Food....!!! . . .
If you cross that limit... . .
You will end up wit vomiting....!!
14 January 2011 12:12:05 PM UTC
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